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HAREC (Hydraulics Applied Research & Engineering Consulting) is a private civil engineering consulting firm specializing in the research, development and application of technologically advanced solutions for water-related projects.

HAREC provides top-level consulting services, software development and training programs for private, public, government, academic institutions in the following sectors:

  • Hydraulics
  • Hydrology
  • Water resources
  • Hydraulic structure design & management
  • Offshore engineering
  • Ports & Maritime engineering
  • Coastal fluvial hydraulics & geomorphology
  • Numerical modeling of ocean, coastal and fluvial processes
  • Natural hazard analysis and modeling
  • Risk assessment of civil and industrial structures and facilities
  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Field measurement, surveying and mapping
  • Ligitation support, expert witness


Latest news

NEWS 5/2009: December 10th 2009. HAREC was hired by Multiservizi S.p.A. to perform the water quality monitoring activity of some water wells in the proximity of the Esino river in the Ancona area using multiparametric sensors. READ MORE

NEWS 4/2009: November 29th 2009. The FLO-2D flood modelling short course on Fluvial and Coastal Risk just ended in Viterbo. More than 30 professionals and researchers from all over Italy and Europe participated to the Short Course that was organized by HAREC. READ MORE

NEWS 3/2009: September 21st, 2009. HAREC upcoming Italian FLO-2D short course titled "2D Flood Modelling Short Course" (Viterbo, November 24-27, 2009) Please visit the course webpage for more info. READ MORE

NEWS 2/2009: September 14th - 18th, 2009. HAREC is invited to lecture at the Third CoastLab Teaching School in Lisbon, Portugal. READ MORE

NEWS 1/2009: June 29 - July 2nd, 2009. HAREC invited lecture at the Pacific Disaster Center (PDC) in Kihei, Hawaii focusing on Unconfined Urban and Coastal Flooding. READ MORE

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