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HAREC and your personal data

As one of the leading providers of information products and technologies HAREC is committed to the use of state of the art technologies in order to continuously improve the services offered to our customers and to protect Personal Information of our customers and visitors of our web sites as effectively as possible. The term "Personal Information" comprises all information which allows or facilitates the identification of any individual. HAREC represents and warrants strictly to comply to any Data Protection laws or any other applicable laws. You may access the public web pages of HAREC without entering any of your personal details. In a few cases, however, we or our partners will need certain information from you in order to give you better service. If you wish to give us such details (e.g. Name, Address, e-Mail) we will inform you about how the data will be used before you submit it. You can also request to see our public list of technical procedures.

HAREC and the security and quality of Information

It is our intention to protect the quality and integrity of your personal data. For this we have made appropriate technical and organisational arrangements, for example providing the option to encrypt emails or personal data submitted to our websites. HAREC will take every care to carry out any corrections you want made to your data as quickly as possible. Your support, e.g. in making sure that requests for correction are returned to the sender's address, is invaluable.

HAREC and technologies used (Cookies)

Occasionally we will collect information about visitors of our On-line services in order to improve our Internet Service and other On-line services as well as to be better able to meet the needs of our customers. However, this is done in a completely anonymous way and any identification of individuals is made impossible. We use so called Cookies to improve the quality of our service. Cookies are data elements, which are stored by your browser. Cookies help us to offer you specially tailored offers, should you visit our web sites again in the future. If you do not want Cookies to be stored on your browser, please adjust your browser accordingly. Information on how to adjust your browser can be found in the user documentation of your browser.

HAREC and data protection technologies

New technical developments are enabling users to have more control over their personal data. HAREC is making every effort to provide you with suitable options whenever the nature of the data we are holding makes it necessary.


Legal notes

No guarantees for content

HAREC web sites contain links to other web sites operated by third parties. HAREC strives to carefully select such web sites, however HAREC does not accept any liability for any content stored on such web sites nor does HAREC accept any liability for such third parties to comply with applicable data protection laws. All information on our Internet websites has been carefully checked by HAREC or our partners. HAREC and third parties involved cannot, however, guarantee that it is correct, complete or up to date.

No consulting

The information on HAREC web pages does not represent individual consulting. For consulting work, please arrange a personal or telephone contact with one of our staff.

Use of Internet pages

The content and layout of the HAREC Internet pages are protected intellectual property. Reproduction of the content in any form requires written permission from HAREC. In case of any question or comments please contact the HAREC Privacy Protection Officer. As the Internet evolve, so will also evolve our Data Privacy Protection Policy. Changes to our Security and Data Protection Policy will be posted on this page.


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