Skills & Services

HAREC brings its leading-edge know-how and expertise on hydraulics within projects that involve the analysis, management, surveying, planning, designing of human-made structures, processes and evolution of anthropic and natural settings, and in any activity in which water plays a fundamental role. More specifically:

  • Watersheds, Lakes, Lagoons, Reservoirs, Estuaries, Coastlines
  • Offshore installations, Oil & LNG terminals, Ports, Marinas
  • Hydraulic systems: Dams, Reservoir, Spillways, Diversions...
  • Hydraulic systems: Pipelines, Sewers...
  • Irrigation and agricoltural systems
  • Transportation systems: railways, highways, airports
  • Civil and industrial sites, buildings and facilities


HAREC skills and services include:


Coastal and fluvial hydraulics

  • Wave climate study, hindcasting and forecasting
  • Wave and current circulation in fluvial & coastal regions and tidal flats
  • Water quality analysis & pollutant dispersion
  • River flow, flood, mudflow and solid transport
  • Open and artificial channel design
  • Bridge scour analysis


  • Rainfall-runoff models
  • Watershed monitoring, analysis, management:
    • Establishment of meteorologic and stream gaging stations
    • Remotely-sensed hydrologic data analysis and development
    • Terrain analysis
    • Water budget management
  • Rating curve modelling, verification and update
  • Flood frequency analyses
  • Hydrologic data statistics

Water resources

  • GIS-based WR-database development
  • Master watershed and drainage plans
  • Stormwater and urban drainage systems management
  • Master irrigation plans

Hydraulic structures

  • Flood control systems
  • Channel stabilization and protection
  • Fluvial erosion control systems
  • Aqueduct and pipelines
  • Sewers and stormsewers

Maritime structures

  • Support to the design, optimization, and reliability analysis of:
    • Oil & gas platforms
    • Oil and LNG terminals
    • Breakwaters
    • Quaywalls
    • Jetties and piers
    • Coastal bridges
    • Low crested structures
    • Coastal defenses
  • Non-linear dynamic analysis of coastal and offshore structures
  • Design and management of coastal protection systems

Ports and marina

  • Support to master planning, regulation, design, expansions, development and management of ports, marina and waterfront.

Coastal and fluvial geomorphology

  • Landslide/slope stability investigations
  • Sediment transport and shoreline evolution
  • Coastal erosion control and shoreline stabilization
  • Dredging and dredged material disposal
  • Beach nourishment design, monitoring and management

Numerical modelling

  • 1D/2D flood, mudflow, sediment transport
  • Landslide and slope stability assessment and modelling
  • Surface and groundwater flow modelling
  • Dam-break
  • Wind wave generation, propagation and run-up
  • Wave-induced circulation in coastal regions
  • Tsunami wave generation, propagation and run-up
  • Storm surge
  • Wave run-up and Overtopping
  • Wave loads on offshore and coastal structures
  • Long waves and harbor resonance
  • Longshore and cross-shore sediment transport
  • Tidal flats hydrodynamics

Physical modelling

  • In collaboration with the most prestigious research institutes worldwide, HAREC offers the opportunity of verifying and optimising designing solutions by means of physical models, from small to large scale.

Natural hazards (CAT)

  • Floods
  • Earthquakes
  • Tsunamis
  • Landslides
  • Climate change & urban growth
  • Insurance studies and risk mapping

Human-made hazards

  • Bomb blast and terroristic risk assessment for civil and industrial sites
  • Chemicals and petroleum products spills and accidents in water environments
  • Pre and post-fire river basin hydrologic analysis

Surveying and mapping

  • Remote-sensing data gathering and analysis
  • Hydraulic and maritime structures surveying and monitoring
  • Stream channel topography and hydrographic surveys
  • Coastal/shoreline surveying and monitoring
  • Digital elevation models (DEM)
  • Digital surface models (DSM)
  • Digital terrain model (DTM)
  • Lidar and InSar DEMs
  • Cartography
  • Soil, landuse, topographic maps
  • Natural hazard mapping


  • GIS data gathering, editing, analysis and visualization
  • GIS interface development and implementation
  • GIS dynamic and static layouts
  • GIS data models: geodatabase
  • Vector and Raster data digitizing and editing
  • WEB-based GIS data and map portal
  • Relational Data Base Management System (RDBMS)

Software & Interfaces

  • Custom software and algorithm programming, development, debugging, implementation and distribution
  • GIS and Java interface development and programming

Litigation & Expert witness

  • HAREC partners and collaborators provides litigation support services and expert witness testimony for any water-related issue within HAREC skills and expertise frameworks

Latest news

NEWS 5/2009: December 10th 2009. HAREC was hired by Multiservizi S.p.A. to perform the water quality monitoring activity of some water wells in the proximity of the Esino river in the Ancona area using multiparametric sensors. READ MORE

NEWS 4/2009: November 29th 2009. The FLO-2D flood modelling short course on Fluvial and Coastal Risk just ended in Viterbo. More than 30 professionals and researchers from all over Italy and Europe participated to the Short Course that was organized by HAREC. READ MORE

NEWS 3/2009: September 21st, 2009. HAREC upcoming Italian FLO-2D short course titled "2D Flood Modelling Short Course" (Viterbo, November 24-27, 2009) Please visit the course webpage for more info. READ MORE

NEWS 2/2009: September 14th - 18th, 2009. HAREC is invited to lecture at the Third CoastLab Teaching School in Lisbon, Portugal. READ MORE

NEWS 1/2009: June 29 - July 2nd, 2009. HAREC invited lecture at the Pacific Disaster Center (PDC) in Kihei, Hawaii focusing on Unconfined Urban and Coastal Flooding. READ MORE

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